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Netherlands x Reader

The days had drawn by slowly, each of them slower than the last.  At least you were in good company but the bitter cold was taking its toll on you.  Tim was running low on medical supplies and both you and Raivis were suffering greatly, in due time the both of you would lose your eyes.

“God damn it!” you shouted, your leg got stuck in something buried deep in the snow.  Everyone turned around but Tim was the first to rush towards you, “_____ what’s wrong?” he asked worriedly.  You couldn’t help yourself; all of the weight from traveling with very short breaks in between, the minuscule amount of sleep you were obtaining, the pain you felt from your damaged eye, the amount of stress that was building up each and every day since you left the gas station…it was all crashing down on you in full force, the dam had been demolished by your fear and hatred towards the world and it was tearing you apart.

“_____, shh it’s okay,” Tim cooed softly as he dug through the dirty snow, “calm down m’sweet flower.  I know the past few days have been rough on you.”  He continued his small talk until he found what had caught your foot.  He then maneuvered around the object and your foot was free, you looked up at the Dutchman and thanked him quietly.  He dried your tears and traced his finger gently on your bandage.

“M’gonna find more medical supplies.  I’ll fix your eye _____, I promise.”  You both stood up and he held your hand the rest of the dreadful day.


The group had run into what was civilization, now seemed to be the ruins of a small and old town; the lot of you gathered together to make a strategy for scavenging.  Ivan began drawing a diagram of the town with his pipe and explained his idea of attempting to find medical supplies.

“If we split in teams of three we could cover most the town by sun down da?” Ivan explained.  Your gaze wondered to Tim’s, his expression was blank as Ivan continued; “I think we should break up the teams by pairing a weakling with someone whom I deem strong.  So…Tim, you take Raivis, Tino you take _____, and I will be by myself for I can handle scavengers quite easily by myself kolkolkol…”  Ivan had a dark glint in his pale, purple eyes.  You shuddered and decided to pay your attention to your partner for the medical hunt, Tino.  Tino was beaming and slung an arm around you, “Oh joy!  I’d love to do the hang out with _____!  She’s such a joy to be around!”  You blushed a little and then felt a tug at your arm and before you could even process what the hell was going on, you were shoved against Tim’s strong chest and heard what sounded like a growl…?

“Teef is staying w’me, I promised I w’never let her get her get hurt again!” he seethed.  Ivan only chuckled and retorted, “Ah, young Timothy, your precious sunflower will be safe with my Tino.” and within a split second Tim found himself with a shotgun in between his eyes again.

“Fuck.” He muttered under his breath.

“Trust me Meester Nederlands, I am veeeeery good with a shotgun!  No need to do the worries!” Tino chimed sweetly.  You couldn’t help but feel a bit wary of the all-too-cheerful Finnish man but Tim wasn’t exactly feeling super cheerful himself..

“Listen, _____ has to be with me…I can’t let her go off wi-“

“Tim!” you barked, he looked down at you quickly with a stubborn expression.  It wasn’t that you didn’t want to be with him but in the shape that you were in, you needed to clean your eye and fast too.  The pain was almost too unbearable for you and at this point, you’d go with Raivis just to find supplies.

Poor Raivis, there was no telling how much pain he was in.  He was very good at hiding it too.

“I will be fine Tim, Tino seems to know what he’s doing.  I feel safe with him so let us just hurry this expedition and find some god damn medical supplies otherwise Raivis and I are losing these eyes!”  There was a fire burning in your (e/c) orbs.  Tim grumbled in his chest and tightened his grip on you, his possessiveness heightening tenfold.  It was simple though.. he didn’t want to lose you and it was evident to everyone.  

Finally he loosened his grip and uttered, “Fine,” he shot a sinister glare towards the fin and hissed, “but if I dare find one scratch on her..” he leaned closer to Tino, so close Tino could see every pore that covered his nose.  The Dutchman lowered his tone and whispered, “I will dismember your penis and shove it down your tiny throat.”

And with that Tino scurried off dragging you with him and leaving Tim in fumes as he tugged on Raivis’ jacket, “L’s go runt.” he spat.


“J-jesus H. it’s bloody cold!” you said pulling your jacket tighter on you.  Tino glanced over towards you and giggled, “Whatever does that mean, _____?”  You snorted as you trudged through the snow into an abandoned market.

Your heart ached to think about it, it was one of Arthur's favorite swears.  The pain was dull but it was still evident.  You truly missed your British friend and lover.  He was always there to keep you happy and cheerful even when he was in a bit of a sour mood himself.  But without a flicker of emotion, you shook your head and then lightly chuckled again.

“Oh it’s just a phrase an old friend of mine used to say when he was in a predicament.”  Tino silently shrugged and entered the building as well.  Everything within seemed barren and empty, it seemed as if the townsfolk beat you to it.  Nevertheless you searched anyways, at this point anything would do.  You pondered through one isle as Tino took the other in search of anything really.  

At the end of one isle, a small glimmer caught your eye.  Curiosity took over and you crept your way towards said object.  Suddenly your heart skipped a beat and a large smile spread from cheek to cheek.  You had found a couple of old cans of baked beans and squealed in excitement.

Tino jumped and then booked it towards the sound he just heard.  His heart pounded, pumping fire through his veins.  All of a sudden his soldier side was emerging and he was ready for battle.. then he heard it again and his blood turned to ice.  What if-

“W-WHAT IS THE MATTER MISS _____?!  OH NO, M-MEESTER NEDERLANDS IS GOING TO-OH MY GOD AM I GOING TO HAVE MY-OH NO! _____!!!! OH NO OH NO OH-oh,” Tino's face went through a thousand expressions within a time frame of a millisecond.  He then exhaled deeply and anger boiled within him as he shouted, “_____, DON’T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!”  

You couldn’t help but double over in laughter, that fin was sure a hoot.  Once you collected yourself and Tino cooled himself off a bit the two of you parted ways again in search of medical supplies.  Each isle was emptier than the last and soon the two of you had cleared the entire store.  It was a bust but you obtained some baked beans, a few more clothing items and a much needed comical relief to yous terrible day.

“Onto the next store I guess.” You sighed.


“Uh-Um Mister N-n-nederlands?” a tiny voice spoke.  Tim didn’t bother looking Raivis' way, he was too preoccupied with searching the cabinets of one of the many houses they raided.  Two houses before he found Asprin and some Band-Aids but he insisted he needed better supplies for you.

“Mister Nederlands, my eye…” Tim shifted his olive orbs towards the small boy and then quickly returned his focus on the cabinets again.

“What d’you want child?” he asked flatly.  He heard a thud in response and he swiftly darted his attention towards his direction.  Raivis was on the ground, his body limp and his bandaged soaked in blood.  

“Shit!” Ted cursed.  There wasn’t much he could do for the child.  He quickly pulled the child into his lap and opened his bag to grab the remains of his gauze wrap and a spare flask of whisky he was saving for some special event in the future.  He didn’t know what, but he figured it’d be for something important.  He unwound the bloody bandages and gasped at what he saw.  The poor child’s eye was too far gone with an infection.

“Raivis… what happened to yer eye?” Tim asked the whimpering child as he unscrewed the flask.

“I was trying to protect my bruder Estonia… but I ended up with deep cut on my eye… Finland tried to fix it the best he could with what little supplies we had but-AH-AAAHHHH-OW THAT STINGS!!” he shrieked.  Tim shushed him and rubbed his temple gently.

“Raivis… M’gonna have to,” he paused and looked at the desperate child’s face.  He knew that what he was about to say would cause him to have a panic attack but it had to be done, “surgically remove your eye.”  Raivis let out a shrill cry and began sobbing, he tugged on Tim’s shirt and pleaded, “P-please no!  There has t-t-to be anoth-ther  way to f-f-f-fix this!!”  The Dutchman couldn’t even look him straight in the eye anymore, he knew this could possibly kill the child but there was no other way.

He pulled the sobbing Latvian into his embrace and rocked him.  This was a technique he used on his little sister when she would throw temper tantrums and it never failed to calm the brat down.  He began humming an old, Dutch tune and waited until the boy was a pile of hiccups and sniffles.  Tim brought one of his hands up and swiftly jabbed his finder behind his earlobe and the boy was out like a light.  Tim laid him down on the floor and drew his pocket knife, he knew what had to be done but he would have to be fast before Raivis woke up.  He gulped loudly and then shakily whispered, “M’so sorry Raivis…”
NetherlandsxReader::Apocalypse 4

Yeeeeee!!! I feel so fulfilled!  There ya go guys and there will be lots more where that came from :iconnedtrollfaceplz:

I do not own:
Netherlands (Tim)
Russia (Ivan)
Latvia (Raivis) 
Finland (Tino)
England (Arthur)
or you ;P

So I've been reading a few of my old fics...and I've decided that I'm going to continue my Netherlands x Reader fic!  YAAY!  I know, two years too late but hey, it bothers me that I haven't finished it so here I go!  I'm not in it for the views or the favorites but I do appreciate any support if you guys still use dA! I know it's super weird and all of a sudden but I'm quirky and odd so let's do this!  Expect the next chapter up in a few days! :iconimseriousplz:


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Hello there! I'm goofy, I absolutely love sushi and I put ranch on almost all of my food.
I'm Chloe, I model, I'm spunky, some of my stories contain sexual themes, so if you don't like that, then I suggest you shouldn't read them.
But I do write my fluffy stories too (:

My reasoning as to why I write Reader-Inserts:

Yes, some of it's a little weird and yes it's inappropriate, but that's how I express myself. (I sound like a whiny teenager) Yes, they are fictional characters, but so are the ones you read in your romance novels? So are the ones you watch on your explicit tv shows and movies, am I right? Plus I like the fact that I don't have to come up with a personality for most of the characters, I like having the freedom of choosing which character to write for and using their personality to create a story that is purely made for my entertainment and freedom of expression. Also, writing in second person is really easy and it makes it all more fun to write. I'm not trying to say that what I write is personifying me, it's like writing a novel, which one day I hope to accomplish.

Oh, and this is my beautiful hoosbend: :iconvampsandghosts:

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So I've been reading a few of my old fics...and I've decided that I'm going to continue my Netherlands x Reader fic!  YAAY!  I know, two years too late but hey, it bothers me that I haven't finished it so here I go!  I'm not in it for the views or the favorites but I do appreciate any support if you guys still use dA! I know it's super weird and all of a sudden but I'm quirky and odd so let's do this!  Expect the next chapter up in a few days! :iconimseriousplz:

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