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NetherlandsxReader::Apocalypse 4
Netherlands x Reader

The days had drawn by slowly, each of them slower than the last.  At least you were in good company but the bitter cold was taking its toll on you.  Tim was running low on medical supplies and both you and Raivis were suffering greatly, in due time the both of you would lose your eyes.
“God damn it!” you shouted, your leg got stuck in something buried deep in the snow.  Everyone turned around but Tim was the first to rush towards you, “_____ what’s wrong?” he asked worriedly.  You couldn’t help yourself; all of the weight from traveling with very short breaks in between, the minuscule amount of sleep you were obtaining, the pain you felt from your damaged eye, the amount of stress that was building up each and every day since you left the gas station…it was all crashing down on you in full force, the dam had been demolished by your fear and hatred towards the world and it was tearing y
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Ask Fem!Iceland #3 by PurpleFlowerRibbons Ask Fem!Iceland #3 :iconpurpleflowerribbons:PurpleFlowerRibbons 3 3 Ask Fem!Iceland #2 by PurpleFlowerRibbons Ask Fem!Iceland #2 :iconpurpleflowerribbons:PurpleFlowerRibbons 4 1
Mature content
NetherlandsxPregnant!Reader::You're Ridiculous... :iconpurpleflowerribbons:PurpleFlowerRibbons 196 41
CE::SwedenxReader::One Day
One Day
Sweden x Reader

The air felt heavy that day, the sky was a dull watercolor painting of grey and dark blue, and the coffee tasted much bitterer than it usually did.  Maybe it was the forecast of hail or the fact that Mathias called in sick, either way, Berwald let out a poignant sigh, looking out through the gigantic window overlooking the city in his office and taking a small sip of his bitter coffee.  
Many perceived the tall Swede as a hulking, grumpy man, one who never smiles.  Many would spread rumors of his stoic mannerisms and his disgruntled personality.  But what many failed to grasp, was why.  Many were too cowardly to ask the tall and intimidating man, let alone, talk to him, leaving him to wallow in his sorrowful silence.  
Believe it or not, there was once a time in which the Swede smiled, laughed, and talked.  There was once a time in which Berwald loved…
It was another normal day for the happy, expecting couple.  Golden rays of the morning sun seepe
:iconpurpleflowerribbons:PurpleFlowerRibbons 131 83
EnglandxReader::Your Mr. Darcy
Your Mr. Darcy
England x Reader
Books: portals to another dimension, creators of a new meaning in life; crisp paper upon crisp paper, each piece is filled with adventurous tales, succulent romances, quizzical mysteries, bone chilling thrillers, astral Sci-Fi's and much, much more.  As soon as the first page is opened, the imagination is endless.  You are sent to a far off land, losing yourself in the depths of a new beginning, that beginning leading to a well-endowed plot which leads one of two paths: Success or Tragedy.  
Our story begins here with an average height British man by the name of Arthur Kirkland and a young lady sitting underneath an oak tree in the mid fall.  Her eyes glued to a book of sorts that most would simply ignore, but Arthur Kirkland on the other hand, took much notice not only to the book, but her alluring stature.  Her soft hair fell perfectly around her face, her eyes sparkling under luscious lashes, the way s
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FinlandxReader::Missing Puzzle Piece
Missing Puzzle Piece

Warning!  There is some sexual themes involved in this, but not enough to actually mark it.  Enjoy!
The phone rang, not once, but three times before you decided to answer it.  You were so engrossed in your book that you hadn't noticed the familiar chime of your ringtone until it was almost too late.  You couldn't seem to recall the number on your caller ID and to be quite frank, you weren't too fond of answering.  But thinking that it might be important, you picked up your phone and flipped it open, pressing the answer button.  There was a brief pause until you finally piped up the energy to say, "Hello, this is ______.  To whom am I speaking to?"  
"Oh hallo!  This is Mr. Tino, your son, Joshua's Geometry teacher.  I'm here to do the discussing of some… pressing matters with you.  Joshua seems to be failing his cla
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Mature content
DenmarkxReader::The Moment::LEMON :iconpurpleflowerribbons:PurpleFlowerRibbons 434 123
IcelandxReader::Unexpected Surprises XI
Unexpected Surprises XI
Iceland x Reader

The Perfect Icelandic Pillow~
"Just great" you grumbled, pulling your special, pregnant lady pillow towards your aching and swollen tummy.  Tossing and turning, you couldn't get your mind off the aches and pains pregnancy caused you to bear.  
"That's it!" you screamed, throwing the pillow across the room.  You began to feel tears prickle the corners of your eyes, for pregnancy also caused your hormones to take control of your emotions.  You took the blankets and draped them over your head as you cried for no apparent reason.  
You felt a gentile tap on your shoulder and you pulled the sheets off your head to reveal none other than the icy blue eyes of your concerned boyfriend.  
"______ why are you crying?" he asked, picking you up gently and setting you on his lap.  You nuzzled your face into his chest and weeped, "I-I  I hurt Emil!  I c-c-can't ev
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ScotlandxReader::Give Me Love
Scotland x Reader
Give Me Love

One month.  It has been one month since he saw you.  It's been one month since he ran his fingers through your silky (h/c) hair.  It's been one month since he's felt your soft, plump lips against his.  It's been one month since he felt your perfect body against his.  It's been one month since he's said, "I love you."
Give me love like her,
'Cause lately I've been waking up alone,
Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt,
Told you I'd let them go,
And that I'll fight my corner,
Maybe tonight I'll call ya,
After my blood turns into alcohol,
No, I just wanna hold ya.

It's been a month since you broke up with Allistor and it was killing him, literally.  As soon as you left him, packed bags and leaving without a trace, he's spent every second at the bar, drinking himself to the point of vomiting and passing out.  
He'd drink away the pain and sorrow of his lost lov
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IcelandxReader::Unexpected Surprises VIII
Unexpected Surprises VIII

Cravings with Denmark
"Caramel…. Caramel…. Caramel…. Caramel…" you groaned repeatedly to yourself for what felt like hours on end.  You were home alone, Lukas and Emil went out to run errands, Tino, Berwald, and Peter were at their house, and Mathias went grocery shopping.  You wished he would come home faster, for your craving for caramel had reached to a point of complete insanity.  You craved it-no needed it-it was your life blood..  Like Lukas and coffee, you were addicted.  
Soon the door opened and your eyes shot to the Dane who was now entering the house with bags of groceries.  You eyed him as he walked to the kitchen, humming some tune from the radio as he put up the groceries.  
You walked up behind him and set your face on his back groaning, "Carameeeel…" which in return, made him jump.  
"______!  Don't you know
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AustriaxReader::You Are My Muse::I
You Are My Muse I

:bulletred:Warning!  There is some violence and implied smut, but it's not bad enough to actually mark it.:bulletred:
They told me I could be anything.  They told me to follow my dreams and I will succeed.  They told me dreams really do come true, if you believe, you can achieve!  They told me, "I'll have the steamed lobster."  
And boy, were they wrong.
The name's __(f/n)__, __(f/n)__ __(l/n)__.  Yeah, I'm a struggling artist.  They told me to follow my dreams, so I did and look where it landed me?  That's right; I'm a low class, minimum wage, no-college-degree-because-I-dropped-out waitress at a high end restaurant, taking orders from a man who makes thousands every day.  
"Alright, would you like an appetizer while you wait for your meal, sir?" you asked.  The man arched an eyebrow, looking over at his perfect, big-breasted, long blond haired da
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Surprise! by PurpleFlowerRibbons Surprise! :iconpurpleflowerribbons:PurpleFlowerRibbons 7 18
DenmarkxReader::Life As We Know It::4
"Oh my God, Ludwig!  Uh…  I wasn't expecting to see you at this time…" you mumbled, adjusting Peter to your clothed hip.  Ludwig stood before you, a slight blush dusting his cheeks as he noticed you in only a robe.
"Oh, vell…  I vas vondering, if you vould vant to go out later?  Maybe for a sandvich or a valk in the p—"
"Hey babe, who's at the door?" the Dane's voice made you jump and he wrapped an arm securely around your waist.  Your face could not have grown any redder than it was, for this was to be a rather long and stressful talk with Ludwig and Mathias.  
"Oh.  Hey there Doctor…"
"Ludwig." The German growled deeply, "and vhat is the meaning of zhis?" he asked, motioning to Mathias' half naked form.  Mathias arched an eyebrow and smirked, pulling you closer to him and scoffing, "Oh, us?  Well, me, my girlfriend, and our son were about to eat a scrump
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My Brother's Friend's Reaction to Hetalia by PurpleFlowerRibbons
Mature content
My Brother's Friend's Reaction to Hetalia :iconpurpleflowerribbons:PurpleFlowerRibbons 90 60
Art Trade #2!! by PurpleFlowerRibbons Art Trade #2!! :iconpurpleflowerribbons:PurpleFlowerRibbons 3 5
All my stuff is in the the correctly labeled folder

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Gil VS Gil by kuroneko3132 Gil VS Gil :iconkuroneko3132:kuroneko3132 2,417 675 Clown by alexielart Clown :iconalexielart:alexielart 8,988 511 Collage Portrait by WolfWantsRed Collage Portrait :iconwolfwantsred:WolfWantsRed 4 11 Eat More Pussy! by giantflyingTURD Eat More Pussy! :icongiantflyingturd:giantflyingTURD 37 22 APH - Why So Moe? by PPitte APH - Why So Moe? :iconppitte:PPitte 380 44
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Past the Point of No Return :iconlittle-lyrebird:Little-Lyrebird 56 32
EnglandxReader- The First of Spring
England x Reader- The First of Spring
You tapped your foot nervously as you waited for Arthur to open the door.
He had invited you for tea at his house the other day when he heard it was the first of spring today. He knew spring was your favorite season and he figured what better way to celebrate the end of winter than tea for two outside? You both agreed as well that you were long overdue for a visit to his country. He had studied abroad in your country for a while in high school (which was how you met him) and you had visited him a couple times in the past but that had been a while ago.
He opened the door and smiled widely at you.
"Hello there, ______," he said, embracing you in a friendly hug. "It's been so long since I've seen you."
"I know~ It's good to see you Arthur," you said into his shoulder. He still smelled the same with that earthy scent you loved so much from all the gardening he did
He pulled back, his hands resting on your shoulders to hold you at arm's length and he lo
:iconlittle-soka:little-soka 321 379
I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa by Hubedihubbe I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 1,393 97 Showering with Awesome by Hubedihubbe Showering with Awesome :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 2,514 295 Patternbreaker by Hubedihubbe Patternbreaker :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 3,615 457 Rocket Power by viria13 Rocket Power :iconviria13:viria13 9,723 1,480 Baccano: Claire and Chane by Eldanis Baccano: Claire and Chane :iconeldanis:Eldanis 1,056 96
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? 2p!America X You
I'm absolutely drenched, my hair spiralling arond me with crystalline droplets running off each strand. It's already dark, the long highway beside me completely deserted as thunder rumbles on the horizon. It's a few more miles until I get to my house, and my solitary journey is bleak and uneventful.
The roar of something else assualts my ears, and I dart off the side of the road as a large motorbike comes streaking by. It skids, before coming to a halt a few metres away. The lights on it are blinding, rain running off the steamlined body, painted with the American flag. It's covered in a lot of mud, and I see the rider take off his helmet with a swish of his tousuled mahogany hair. I see a wide white smile, the stranger beginning to stroll towards me as if he has all the time in the world.
I scuttle backwards, uncertain.
As the first flash lightening illuminates the young man coming towards me, I hear a wolf howl in the distance.
"Are you afraid of the big bad wolf darlin'?" His voice
:iconprincessjodie:PrincessJodie 233 98
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Chapter 2
2p!America X Reader
It has been several nights since I first met Alfie, and his abscence had admittedly left me restless; it's almost as if he's cast some sort of spell on me that makes me crave him and the scent of gunpowder and grease. I never expected him to appear one warm, sultry night when I was in bed.
I had been wearing that cracked leather bomber jacket, inhaling the scent as I curled up underneath my bed-sheets.
Only when the smell assaulted my senses even stronger did I look up, wanting to see those blood-red eyes and the wolfish smile.
"Hey darlin'. It's been a while, hasn't it?"
I squeak as the American leaps down from the window where he had been perched, rather elegantly bounding across the room to pin me down.
His wide white smile is right in my face now, those eyes boring into my very soul.
"You know, I've actually missed you..." He purrs, rocking back on to his haunches and letting me sit up. Those eyes remain half-closed, the sunglasses still nestle
:iconprincessjodie:PrincessJodie 104 31
2P!AmericaXReader -Flowers- :Part 2:
Your mind swirled with dizzyness as you slowly woke up from being out for a good hour or two. You got used to your surroundings. You were in a cold celar with it only being lit by a lightbulb-lamp hanging on a string. You were tied down to a chair with a thick rope, as if your captor worried about you escaping.
'Typical horror movies, one light in a cold dark cellar, the victim being tortured into death, typical,' You thought. It was the only thought you could muster up in your dizzy mind. Just then, you could hear footsteps making their way down the stairs that entered the cellar. You looked at the figure that came down the stairs. It was the one from the other day! You decided to get a good look at him. He had an orange-brownish hair color and he was wearing sunglasses. You could tell that there was a hint of red behind them. You then realized something. He looked alot like Matthew's brother, Alfred. You never really talked to him, you heard he was a big show-boat and a 'player'. You
:iconthehetaliaotaku:TheHetaliaOtaku 118 52
Skydiving with Russia... by Lawlawruu Skydiving with Russia... :iconlawlawruu:Lawlawruu 1,158 440



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Hello there! I'm goofy, I absolutely love sushi and I put ranch on almost all of my food.
I'm Chloe, I model, I'm spunky, some of my stories contain sexual themes, so if you don't like that, then I suggest you shouldn't read them.
But I do write my fluffy stories too (:

My reasoning as to why I write Reader-Inserts:

Yes, some of it's a little weird and yes it's inappropriate, but that's how I express myself. (I sound like a whiny teenager) Yes, they are fictional characters, but so are the ones you read in your romance novels? So are the ones you watch on your explicit tv shows and movies, am I right? Plus I like the fact that I don't have to come up with a personality for most of the characters, I like having the freedom of choosing which character to write for and using their personality to create a story that is purely made for my entertainment and freedom of expression. Also, writing in second person is really easy and it makes it all more fun to write. I'm not trying to say that what I write is personifying me, it's like writing a novel, which one day I hope to accomplish.

Oh, and this is my beautiful hoosbend: :iconvampsandghosts:

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So I've been reading a few of my old fics...and I've decided that I'm going to continue my Netherlands x Reader fic!  YAAY!  I know, two years too late but hey, it bothers me that I haven't finished it so here I go!  I'm not in it for the views or the favorites but I do appreciate any support if you guys still use dA! I know it's super weird and all of a sudden but I'm quirky and odd so let's do this!  Expect the next chapter up in a few days! :iconimseriousplz:


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