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March 17, 2012
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You were preparing to board your plane back home from London, from where you spent the last two weeks vacationing.  You were sitting in an uncomfortable chair and watching the news on the television overlooking the sea of people walking.

"This is BBC news, now informing you with most distasteful events that have recently occurred.  There have been reports of a man who is murdering high-class women throughout London.  The Police are searching for this so-called "Man in the Shadows" and seem to be hot on his trace…"

"Now boarding for (city/town/province?)" the cheery voice called.  You quickly picked up your bags and turned around.  In the process of turning around you ran into a tall man with messy blonde hair and striking, green eyes.  

"Oh, my apologies miss, I didn't even see you coming!" he said helping you up.  You looked at him questioningly and said, "It's no problem at all, I'm sorry for running into your nice suite!  I bet it was expensive..  Do you need me to pay you?  I don't mind, really, it's no problem for me at all, this tends to happen a lot..  Oh dear, I am so sorr-" you were cut off by a finger being placed on your lips.  

"Ma'am, it is absolutely fine.  Here," he said handing you your bag, "I hope you have a wonderful trip ma'am."  He patted your back and walked off.  You turned around to gather your other items that you had dropped and then proceeded to walk up to the desk to hand the lady your ticket.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but we can't accept your ticket.  You'll have to take an other flight." The lady said bluntly.

"What do you mean I can't get on this plane?  I bought this ticket this morning!"

"I'm sorry ma'am, but we cannot let you on this plane.  We can put you on a flight for tomorrow morning you'll still get home."

"No, you don't understand, I don't have enough money to rent a room in a hotel for tonight.  You have to let me on this plane!" you argued.  Then a familiar voice said from behind you, "Trust me love, everything happens for a reason.." you looked behind you to find the tall blonde man and he gave the lady his ticket and proceeded on to the plane.

After that you sat in your seat and sulked for a while.  The same lady who denied your ticket walked up to you again and said in a light-hearted tone, "Well, ma'am, it seems as if we made a mistake!  You can board the plane now!"

You then gave her your ticket and walked through the shuttle.  You shuffled through the isle, trying your hardest not to bump into anyone, looking for seat 12.

Before you knew it, a rather large man bumped into you and you fell into the lap of a random stranger.  

"I am so sorry, I didn't mean to this man jus-"

"Heh, you seem to have a nasty habit of falling on people don't you?  Seat 12 are you?  Looks like you'll be riding with me then."  You looked up to find the same British man from before laughing.  You blushed and apologized for the mishap, yet again.  

The two of you got settled on the plane and it took off.  It was rather quiet during the ride, not a sound stirred.  

"So, ma'am, I guess since we'll be riding together, it would be nice to know your name?" he asked.  You smiled and said, "_____ ______.  And yours?"  

"Kirkland, Arthur Kirkland, nice to meet you, ______."  

The plane ride was long and productive, well for you and Arthur, at least.  You two chat for a while, after some time you had fallen asleep and Arthur was fidgeting with his fingers.  He got up and went to the bathroom.  After locking the door, he flipped open his phone and dialed a number.

"Hoy, Arther, ye git.  Wha' do ye wan', lad?" the voice answered.

"Ian, you abomination, you let a perfectly innocent lady on THIS plane with dangerous people!?  The people on this plane are trying to kill me and they now think she's a part of this mission as well?!  Do you know what you have just caused?!?  You twat!" Arthur yelled.

"Hoy, isna' my fault, she baugh' the ticket last second!  There's nothing ye or I can do, lad." Ian countered.  

Arthur, enraged, hung up the phone and exited the bathroom with caution.  Thankfully, you were still safe and asleep.  As soon as he sat, there was the click of multiple guns.  

"Well, love, hope you don't mind a bit of an adventure."  He said leaning over to protect you.

"Wha~" you mumbled, fluttering your eyes open.  You found Arthur unbuttoning his coat over you.  You blushed heavily only to find him pull out a gun; all of the blood drained from your face and he shushed you.  

"Listen love, I'm going to shoot the rather obese man behind me, and then I'm shooting the older lady across from us, that's when you make a dash for the bathroom.  I'll finish off the rest of the people and then I will meet you in there in approximately 1 minute.  Got it?" he whispered; leaving you little time to nod, he shot the fat man three times.  That's when the plane went berserk.  Everyone started shooting and you screamed like bloody murder.

"GO _____, GO!" Arthur yelled shooting an old lady carrying two guns in the face.  You scrambled into the bathroom, locking the door.

"What's happening?  Why is this happening to me?  Wouldn't have the metal detectors caught the guns?  Was this planned?  Am I dreaming?" you pinched yourself, "OW!  Definitely not a dream… THIS ISN'T A DREAM?!  What the FUCK am I going to do now?!" you yelled to yourself, starting to hyperventilate.   Guns were being fired and there were many grunts of pain.  You heard one man scream from, what sounded like, a broken limb.

"I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to fucking die.."  All of the sudden, a knife struck the door and you screamed in terror.  

"Get outta there you little brat!  I know you have something to do wi- AGGHH!" there was gunfire and you heard the man fall to the ground.  Blood was seeping through the bottom of the floor and you began to shake frantically.  

"Let me in, _____.  It's Arthur!  Now!" you opened the door and saw Arthur smeared in blood.

"No time to chat, _____." He said opening a secret door hidden in the ceiling, for it contained one parachute.  

"Y-You're making me wear that?" you asked bewildered.  Arthur smirked and grabbed you, strapping the both of you together.  

"No, love, WE are going to wear it." He moved over to the emergency door and opened it; handing you a pair of goggles he yelled, "Hold on, love!" and jumped into the cloudy abyss.

You were screaming until your lungs could take no more.  Arthur was moving with such precision and grace, it was rather astonishing.  After about 45 seconds of falling he pulled the chute and the two of you drifted to the ground.  

As soon as he unbuckled you, you dashed off, hoping he would just leave you be.  You ran as far as your unsteady feet could take you.  Soon enough you found a giant boulder and hid behind it.  Then, you started to cry from the event that had just occurred, all the blood and ear wrenching cries from people in the plane; it left a mental scar imprinted in your head that you couldn't let go of.  You were sobbing until you felt a hand gently press your shoulder.  

"I'm sorry to say this ma'am, but, you're going to be stuck with me for a while." you looked up with much fear shown on your face.  The familiar Brit smiled weakly and picked you up bridal style.  You continued to cry into his arms as he carried you to wherever he was going.  

"Shhh, it's okay love.  It'll be alright, no worries.  I won't have anything happen to you, I promise.  Not a soul with touch you." He cooed as you continued to sob.  

Soon, you reached a bed and breakfast and Arthur rented a two-bed room.  When you reached the room he ran the hot water for you and even put bubble bath in it.  

"I'll leave you to do the undressing, love." He said closing the bathroom door with a sweet smile.  As soon as he heard the door click, he pulled out his phone, dialing a number, and set a compact computer on the desk.  

"Hoy, Arthur, so I see ye and the lass survived no?" Ian said.

"No, thanks to you, you bloody bastard.  Anyways, she's busy right now and this is the only way I can reach you..  By the looks of it we're probably in Ireland.  So, we're not too far.  Have you any news on the "Man in the Shadows?" Arthur asked.

"Aye, they say his new target is a French maiden by the name o' Chloé.  She's the daughter o' a wealthy Managing Director o' Chanel, Francis Bonnefoy.  It seems the lad has many connections wi' wealthy people all over the world..  I can see why the killer is goin' for the poor lass.." Ian said.

"Oh, bloody great.  Have you any clue as to where Chloé might be now?  Wherever she might be, the killer is probably fallowing.." Arthur said tapping his pen on the desk.

"Weel," Ian said stretching, "Ahh, from wha' I've read in the mos' recent news, they're headed for London next week to see the Prince get married."

"Alright, thanks ole' chap.  I'll be giving you a call soon." Ian closed his phone and browsed the internet for more clues.  You walked out of the bathroom with nothing but a robe the bed and breakfast provided.

"Um..  Yeah… I left my bags on the plane.." you said, giving Arthur the hint.  Arthurs face immediately turned red and he got up and looked through a smaller bag of his.  He handed you a large t shirt and you put it on.  You walked out with a shirt that reached to your thighs.  Arthurs face grew redder by the moment, so you ran to the bed and crept under the covers.  After a few minutes of silence you decided to speak.

"Who are you?" you asked.  Arthur stopped from what he was doing and looked over the brim of his reading glasses at you.  

"Whatever do you mean?  I already told you, I'm Arthur Kirkland."

"No, Arthur, WHO are you?  Why am I here?  And when will I be going home?" you asked through gritted teeth.  He inhaled deeply, "Well, love, since you are stuck in this rather… sticky situation, I guess I have no choice." He said tapping the desk.  

"I'm a secret agent.  I work for the British government and I'm on quite a mission, at the moment, and you just so happened to stumble upon it.  There is no coincidence here, love; merely that my brother, who also works for the British Government, had made a simple mistake and you boarded the wrong plane.  As for home, darling, I couldn't tell you."  

Your face dropped and you turned around, facing away from him.  You began to cry softly, making sure he took no notice.   

"Oh…  Well then, goodnight Arthur…" you mumbled.

"Sweet dreams love."


The next morning you awoke to a note and bags of clothes.  You rubbed your eyes and picked up the note that read in perfect cursive, "Good Morning Love~ I bought some clothes for you earlier while you were asleep, so why don't you get dressed and meet me for breakfast downstairs? – Arthur"

He had quite lovely taste in clothing.  You decided, since it was chilly, to where a red, long sleeved, sweater with a pretty silk scarf.  You slipped on a pair of jeans and your sneakers and left the room for breakfast.  

You found Arthur sitting at a small, two-person table, enjoying a cup of tea and reading the newspaper.  

"Hello, love.  Nice to see you're wearing that lovely red sweater I bought you.  I knew it would look quite becoming on you." He said taking a sip of his tea.  You smiled and sat on the other end.  The waitress took your order and you decided on a blueberry scone with orange juice.  

"Hmm, you like scones?  Not many people I know actually enjoy them as much as I." he smiled as sipped more of his tea.  

After breakfast you packed and found Arthur in a slick black car waiting for you.  He opened the trunk and put your bags inside then, he started the car, and you guys were off.

"Where exactly are we going?" you asked.  Arthur looked over at you quickly then returned his gaze back to the road and said, "Well, I'm taking us to one of the ports in Ireland.  I planned ahead of time.  You see, last night while you were sleeping, I bought two tickets aboard the Princess Cruise.  While on the ship, there will be a top secret meeting for agents, like me.  But, unlike the rest of the agents, we will hop off as we reach the coast of London.  It will be about a 12 day journey, but I'm sure you'll be able to manage!" he said with a smirk.  

You sighed deeply and looked out the window.  All you wanted was to be safe and warm and cozy at home, wrapped up in a blanket and watching, "The Notebook" with your cat you named, "Kitty."  Is that too much to ask for?

Arthur reached over and rested his palm on yours.  You blushed at the sudden contact.  He smiled reassuringly and said, "It's okay love.  You'll be home soon, I promise." You smiled weakly and nodded back.  

All of the sudden a bullet went through the drivers side window.  

"Damn it!  It's the Man in the Shadow's apprentices!  He knows I'm on the case!  Duck and hold on, love!" Arthur yelled flooring it.  The car sped to a miraculous speed and he dodged many cars with two white vans trailing your small black car with men in black clothes holding guns shooting the car.  

"______, I need you to do a favor love, take the wheel." He said opening his door.  

"Wha-What?  Arthur no, you're going to kill yourself!"  You yelled.  He smirked and grabbed you by the arm and pulled you onto the driver's seat as he maneuvered himself on top of the car.  You gripped the wheel with a grip that could bruise and screamed bloody murder.  

"Love!" he yelled, "I need you to calm down a bit and steer a little closer to the vans, fast!"  You gulped loudly and gripped the wheel harder.  

"O-okay!" you yelled.  You then positioned the car to where it was in between the two vans.  The men in the vans started to shoot at Arthur with no prevail.  You screamed when you saw Arthur throw himself on one of the men and stab him in the chest.  He then grabbed the man next to him and twisted his neck with such force, breaking it.  

You looked over on the other side of you where two men slid open the door to their van and they seemed to carry bigger guns.  They saw you and began to shoot.  You screamed and leaned your seat as far down as you could without loosing sight of the road, luckily, the bullets missed you.  

You have never been in this much danger in your entire life.  It was all too sudden, but a sudden urge of adrenaline pulsed throughout your body and you sat up when the men stopped shooting.  You then jerked your steering wheel and hit their van with force, which crushed one of the men, leaving blood stains on the car.  

"_______!" Arthur yelled.  You then noticed the other man in the van that you had just hit had climbed on top of your car and he started shooting from the top.  He barely missed you, but you began to swerve making him fall and ceasing his gun fire, giving Arthur very little time to shoot him down.

You maneuvered the car over to the van Arthur was in and he slipped into the passenger seat.

"Speed up love!" he panted.  You just realized that there were still men driving the vans.  You stamped your foot on the gas pedal, passing the white vans, and Arthur rolled down his window and began shooting towards the drivers.  

He successfully hit both drivers and both vans collided into each other.  You sped up to avoid the impact of both cars and headed towards the ports of Ireland.  


After your life altering experience and a 4 hour drive, you had arrived at port.  Arthur then grabbed your bags for you and you two were on the ship before you knew it.  The ship was elegantly decorated and had many, little stores and bars.  It actually looked as if the trip would be fun.  

Once you reached the room you saw that there was only one bed.  You looked over at Arthur who was laughing nervously with his hand rubbing the back of his head.  

"Well you see, love, I spent a majority of the money on your clothes, that I only had enough for one bedroom..  I do hope you forgive me."  You gulped loudly and said, "N-no, no not at all!  But I mean..  Are we going to be sleeping together..?" you trailed off.  

"Oh, heavens no!  I'll make an arrangement for me on the floor, by all means, you sleep in the bed!" he said blushing.  But then a smirk crossed his face and he said, "Unless you want me to…" you gawked and attempted to slap him, but he caught your wrist.  

"What the hell?  That was lightning fast!" you yelled with a face redder than a tomato.  He laughed and said, "That's what 4 years in the Secret Services will do to you."

You calmed down, unpacked your clothes, and began to wonder around the ship.  The shops were interesting and being the tourist you where, you had to take a look.  There were many shops that ranged from jewelry, to medicine, even to lingerie..  

"I won't be needing to shop there.." you muttered to yourself.  


It had been 5 days and you were enjoying yourself while aboard the ship.  You and Arthur had become closer and the weather was phenomenal.  You loved all of the places the ship stopped by and would walk around with Arthur in places like, Scotland, Iceland, and parts of England that were so quaint.  

You grew tired one afternoon, after a walk around Glasgow, and went back to your room.  You stopped and heard Arthur mumbling to himself.  No, he was on a phone.  

'There's no way he has service all the way out here?' you thought.  You pressed your ear against the door and listened to the conversation Arthur had on speaker.

"No, I will not allow this to happen.  That girl must leave immediately.  She has caused enough problems already, no telling what else she'll do." It sounded like a German-dialect man...  Maybe Austrian...  Your heart sank when you heard that, but you continued to listen.

"Yes sir, I will have her promptly removed from our grasp as soon as possible." Arthur said and with a click of a button, the conversation was over.  You then opened the door and Arthur jumped.

"Oh dear, _____, you startled me!" he gasped.  You glared at him and he looked at you questionably.  

"Love, that look is quite unbecoming on you.  What is the matter?" he asked.

"What do you mean, 'What's the matter?' I heard you speaking with someone of high-importance, your boss, I assume?" you asked, "Oh and let us not forget that I am to leave as soon as possible!  Well, maybe I don't want to leave?  Maybe I want to stay here and enjoy my sweet time on this cruise?" you said angrily.  

"No!  _____, that's not what we were-" Arthur was interrupted by you.

"Oh, I know exactly what you guys were talking about!  Well, if you hated my presence that much, why didn't you just leave me stranded in the wilderness so I could be raised by a pack of wolves or, or chopped to pieces by some crazed cannibal or, or-" you were interrupted by a pair of soft lips.  

They moved so perfectly with yours.  Arthur cupped your face and kissed more dearly with much passion.  Your hands quickly fell and you let him continue his business with your mouth.

As you separated he smiled and said, "Now if you would have let me finish, you would know that my boss was talking about his assistant, Elizavetta, she's kind of a… pedophile, you see, and she will not leave him alone, even if her life depended on it.  He knows of your presence and thinks you could actually be of quite an advantage for us, dear."

"Oh, how nice." You said; you were still in a daze from what had just happened.  Ha smiled and asked, "Would you mind if I…  Did that again?" he blushed and you nodded your head.  

He then planted a softer kiss and held you by the waist.  You laced your arms around his neck and the two of you kissed for a while after.  


"What's the news Ian?" Arthur asked.  

"Weel, did ye know tha' the bonny lass, Chloé, is actually on the exact same cruise as ye, as we speak?" Ian returned.

"What!  Why was I not informed earlier?  We've been on this ship for 5 days now, Ian!  There is an immense possibility that killer might actually be on this ship, you git!" Arthur shouted.

"Hold yer horses, lad.  It was top secret, they do na' wan' many people to know about it.  But, I think ye should get tha' lass yer with to dress like she's somethin' important, and make friends wi' her.  Tha' way we can keep a close eye without lookin' suspicious, eh?" Ian chimed.

Arthur debated with himself, but then agreed, "Alright.  That actually might just work, Ian.  Great idea!  You surprise me sometimes, brother, you know that?"

Ian laughed and hung up.


"Wait… What!" you exclaimed, "I am supposed to act all high and mighty for one the RICHEST MEN in the WORLD'S daughter….  This is beyond me Arthur!  I can't do that?  I mean, what if she knew I was faking it?" you asked.

"Listen, ______, we have only 5 days left on this cruise.  We don't have any other choice." You frowned and folded your arms.  Arthur gave you a pleading look and then kissed you lightly on your lips.

"Please, _____."

"Okay, fine I'll do it, if you promise me one thing." Arthur looked at you suspiciously and you smirked.  

"Take me as your date on formal dinner night.  That's tonight, right?  They have a dress shop here, I'll buy a nice dress and you are taking me out for dinner on a normal date, no tricks, no spy stuff, just dinner… even if it is free." You said.

Arthur laughed and kissed you one more time, "Deal."
Part 1
Probably the most epic stuff I have ever written... :iconstephencolbertomgplz:
Part 2: [link]

I don't own:
the sexy picture
England (Arthur)
Scotland (Ian)
Hungary (Elizavetta)
or you ;P

But I do own :iconvampsandghosts:
suck it losers~
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did you get the idea from Day and Knight?
PrussiaDesu Feb 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
The way England turned out so badass was so damn awesome
imagine the pink panther song while you read this hahahahaha
James Bond! England xD
Flying-Dutchmann Mar 23, 2014  Student General Artist
The name's Kirkland. 
Arthur Kirkland.

;) evening Mr.Kirkland
(James Bond intro plays in background)
pikachulover36 Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This reminds me of the movie Knight and Day a lot! I love it~
13th-Program Oct 24, 2013  Student General Artist
lol congrats on your happiness with this story :) I love it
AlexaTheDjFTW Sep 3, 2013  Student General Artist
THIS IS THE BEST FANFICTION I'VE EVER READ EVER! SERIOUSLY!!! :heart: :glomp: :iconloveyouplz:
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