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"Oh my God, Ludwig!  Uh…  I wasn't expecting to see you at this time…" you mumbled, adjusting Peter to your clothed hip.  Ludwig stood before you, a slight blush dusting his cheeks as he noticed you in only a robe.

"Oh, vell…  I vas vondering, if you vould vant to go out later?  Maybe for a sandvich or a valk in the p—"

"Hey babe, who's at the door?" the Dane's voice made you jump and he wrapped an arm securely around your waist.  Your face could not have grown any redder than it was, for this was to be a rather long and stressful talk with Ludwig and Mathias.  

"Oh.  Hey there Doctor…"

"Ludwig." The German growled deeply, "and vhat is the meaning of zhis?" he asked, motioning to Mathias' half naked form.  Mathias arched an eyebrow and smirked, pulling you closer to him and scoffing, "Oh, us?  Well, me, my girlfriend, and our son were about to eat a scrumptious breakfast together and I don't believe we invited you."

"Mathias!" you snarled.  Mathias jumped to your sudden outburst and pulled away from you.  "We need to talk." Mathias gave you the look, not only was it the look though, no, it was the lost puppy eyes and the quivering bottom lip look.  

"No!  Mathias, don't give me that look.  We need to talk." Ludwig arched a brow at the both of you, his anger concealed deep within him.  You looked over at him with a sorrowful expression and placed one of your soft palms on his, still managing to hold Peter the entire time, and said softly, "All of us."


"So vhat you're saying is…"

"Yes, Ludwig, I liked you, you are a great man, you are amazing with kids, you're kind, handsome, you have a well paying job, you—"

"Will you please get on with this ______?" Mathias growled.  You shot a dirty look to the Dane as he let Peter sit on his shoulders only to mess up his gorgeous mane.  

"Anyways," you sighed, "You are a great guy Luddy, but Mathias and I…  We've practically grown up together… and we have a child we need to take care of.  It's not that I don't love you, I do, but I can't mess up Peter's already messy life.."

Ludwig sighed in sadness, but he understood your predicament.  He wasn't going to give you neither grief nor pain about it.  

"I understand, but if you ever need a friend to talk to, or an appointment for Peter, you just give me a call ja?" he said, placing a palm on your shoulder.  You smiled meekly and nodded; he then sat up and walked out the door without a word.  

"Well, that's a relief!" Mathias chirped.  Your eyebrow twitched to his comment and you turned to face him.  

"Oh no, I'm not done with you mister.." you seethed.  Mathias' face dropped and he groaned.

"Awww, come on?"

~~ Time Skip ~~ Three Months~~

Mathias was headed for work, as usual, it was your day to watch Peter anyways.  As he entered the building, the lights were off and he was thoroughly confused.  Suddenly, the flickered on and everyone cheered, "CONGRATULATIONS!"  Mathias jumped back, only to be greeted by his boss.  

"What's going on?" Mathias asked.  His boss let out a hardy laugh and pat his back.   

"Oh, my boy, you're getting a promotion!  You'll be Vice President of the sports news station in San Diego!  This is an offer you can't refuse!" his boss beamed.  Mathias' eyes widened, as well as his smile and he continued to celebrate his promotion with ______!


The next day was the neighborhood block party and that's when Mathias was to pop the news.. and maybe even.. the question?  Yes, Mathias had bought a diamond ring last week and was ready to propose to you and what not a better time than a neighborhood block party in front of everyone you have grown to love?  

The block party was incredible, Peter had his face painted as a kitty, you a cheetah and Mathias was of course a tiger.  You decided to grab some food and have a seat next to the Italian family that lived across the street.  

'This is it…' Mathias thought to himself as everyone was gathering to the large white tent.  It was now or never!

"______?" You looked over at the Dane and smiled, giving him your full attention as he fiddled with his fingers. "So, ______, I wanted to tell you something.  Something incredible!" he said.  You nodded and he continued, "I got a promotion!"

"Really?  Sweetheart, that's great!" you cheered.

"Yeah!  I'll be making double my pay now and the boss said that if we moved to San Diego, I would become the Vice President of the sports news station there!"  Your face grew pale to his words.  

"S-San Diego?" you choked out.  He smiled and nodded naïvely towards you slowly angered form. "Mathias, we can't do that?  We have Peter?  We can't just change his environments like that we can't just move him out of his, Tina, and Berwald's house?"

"But ______, we can take the furniture with us!" he said.  

"Oh really?  And what about my business Mathias?  Huh?  What about my bakery?  Do you think I'm going to just throw that all away because you got some silly promotion?" you cried out.  Peter began to sniffle from your outburst and people where staring.  

"_-_____..  This is really big for me…  I could support us; you wouldn't have to worry about having a job or making money for us because I'll be doing that.  Please?" Mathias pleaded.  You were boiling on the inside.  He expected you to throw away all of your hard work and accomplishments just like that?  No.

"You know, Mathias, sometimes it's not all about you."

"What do you mean, 'all about me'?" he asked, starting to get angry himself.  

"You know exactly what I mean!" you growled.  Mathias grew angrier by the second and busted out, "And you think I am the one who thinks the world revolves around them?!  Well, honey, have I got news for you, I'm not!  You are so obsessed with your stupid business and you take no notice to my hard work and I try ______, I try to take care of us as a family!" Mathias stopped and sighed angrily, "And maybe.. maybe I'm just not cut out to be a dad.  Maybe I'm not cut out for this whole, being a fatherly figure, thing."

Mathias looked you dead in the eyes, his aqua orbs pierced yours in a mixture of sadness and despite.  He stuck his hand in his pants pocket to fiddle with the ring he bought, but let go of it, as if he let go of all hope.  

"Maybe you're not Mathias." You said quietly, picking up Peter and leaving him to sit alone at the table.  


"Hey there Mathias, my boy!  So what is it?  Yes?"

"I would be more than content to take the job sir." Mathias said blandly as he packed the rest of his clothes into his suitcase.  

"Grand news!  Your flight will leave at 7:00 tonight, don't miss it!"

"I won't."

You cringed to the last two words Mathias spat out, intentionally, making sure you heard him loud and clear.  You sighed in frustration, but remained silent as you rocked Peter to sleep.  

'Damn you, Tina,' you thought, 'damn you for making me live with that bastard.  I love you, I love Berwald, I love Peter and I love…  I love Mathias.  Why would you do that to me?  I wish you were here Tina.  I really do, I wish you were here to hug me and tell me everything is going to be alright.  I miss you  Tina…  I miss you more than anything.'


'God damn it Berwald, I love you man, but seriously?  Trying to get me to fall in love with ______ successfully and have her break my heart?  I should have known it would end up like this…  Serious, gorgeous, powerful, independent women like ______ wouldn't ever mix with a dumb ass like me anyways… Berwald, what do I do?  Do I really want this job?  I mean, it's a big step for me…  but managing an entire corporation.. That's a lot of responsibility Ber, responsibility I probably could never handle-what am I saying?  I need this..'

Mathias was interrupted from his thoughts by knocking on the front door.  He listened intently as you stood up, shifting Peter in her arms and walking up to the door and opening it.  There was a short exchange of words between her and the person who knocked and then the door was shut.  

Mathias shrugged it off and finished packing his bags.  As he walked down the stairs and ready to open the front door to leave, he was stopped by you.  Your cheeks were red and your eyes were swollen as you handed him a letter.  

Mathias arched an eyebrow to the small letter but took it and shoved it in his pocket.  

"So…  Have a great time in San Diego.." you said quietly.  Mathias nodded and struggled out, "Y-yeah.  So…  I'll visit sometime?"  You shook your head and whispered, "No, I don't think that will be necessary."

Mathias felt a small lump in his throat and his heart sink, but nodded towards you and mumbled out a short goodbye, giving Peter a small kiss on his forehead and ruffling his hair.  

Peter looked up at the tall blonde with his deep blue eyes, reaching out his tiny hand and grabbing his finger.  Mathias' eyes grew watery and he smiled at the small child.

"I'm gonna miss you too buddy, you take care of your mommy now." He said quietly.  

"Dahdee" Peter said, his grip loosening as his eyes began to droop.  Mathias turned away and walked out the door before he would let you see the tears that had formed and were now trailing down his cheeks.  


As Mathias entered the plane and sat in his seat quietly, not communicating with anyone.  He dug in his pocket to get his cell phone, but instead he felt the small letter you had given him.  As he took it out there was familiar writing on it as he read, "To Mathias"


He opened the letter and he gasped quietly, realizing the handwriting belonged to none other than Tina.  He began to read the letter intently making sure he missed nothing.

Dear Mathias,

Hello there Mat!  It's Tina, I know this is super strange because I'm sure you're used to receiving letters from Berwald ha ha.  Okay, I should probably stop babbling on before I loose you and you toss this letter in the trash…

Mathias chuckled to himself, "Oh Tina…  I would never do that."

You know you would.

"I guess you're right…  I probably would have.."

Hah, I told you so.  I bet you had a small conversation with yourself too?

"Damn right I did you freaking psychic."

Alright, to get to the point of this letter is that Berwald and I have come to the conclusion that you are going to Peter's godfather!  I know, I know, you're too cool for taking care of silly little children, but I don't believe we'll be dying any time soon ha ha!

Mathias felt a pang of hurt in his chest as he read those words.  

So I'm sure it's pretty obvious that ______ is the godmother of Peter of course, I mean she is my best friend?  But she also one of the reasons we picked you.  Now I know you might be thinking and Berwald and I both have come to a conclusion: Yes, you are immature, spunky, spontaneous, outgoing, childish, and much, MUCH more, but just because ______ is serious and hard working, probably boring through your eyes, she is also perfect for you.

Don't think we haven't seen those looks you give her, trust me, Berwald and I know what love is when we see it, I mean, hello?  We're married?  But you probably don't realize it yet.  Trust me, there is a reason we set you guys up on a date, we knew it was going to end up a disaster!  But we also know that opposites attract; she could really teach you a thing or two on responsibility

"Oh she has alright." Mathias said quietly to himself.

and you could really show her how to loosen up and have a little fun for once.  You know she hasn't slept with a man since college right?

Mathias snorted in amusement to that, "Well, not anymore."

In time though, you will love ______, I know I probably shouldn't jump to conclusions, but trust me, both Berwald and I see it.  Now, I'm not forcing you to fall in love with ______, but I'm simply predicting.  And have I ever been wrong?

"Hah, nope Tina, you're never wrong."

So if anything were to actually happen to Berwald and I, you and ______ would have to take on a lot of responsibility and we know you can do it!  There will be a lot of rough patches and bumpy roads, there will be fighting and tears shed, but Mathias, you are our only friend we trust with both Peter and ______.  You can take care of the both of them and make them so happy.  You can keep a smile on their faces and I one day, you will be a wonderful father Mathias.  

So that's all I wanted to tell you.  Keep everything I have told you in thought though.  Trust me, ______ loves you, she just hasn't realized it yet and who knows, maybe you two will date and really get to know each other?  Maybe you might just find your perfectly opposite match!  

Sincerely, Tina (and Berwald… sort of)

P.S. Please sell your motorcycle.  Or break it or something.  Please.  I keep feeling like you're going to crash and die…  But please, for the love of God, don't get a smart car like _____.  Ha, ha, okay I'm done!

Mathias' chest felt so tight after reading the letter.  He bit his bottom lip and sighed shakily as he slipped the letter back in his pocket but then felt something that made his skin crawl.  He pulled out the silver, diamond ring that he had bought for you.  

"You popping the question to someone special?"  Mathias looked over to find an elder man smiling at him.  

"Well… you see, I was going to…  But we had an argument and now she won't let me visit her or anything anymore.  I mean, I love her, I really do, but…  I just…"

"Wait, you two have a child but you're not married?"

"Godparents…" Mathias said.  The elder man set a palm on his shoulder and gave it a little squeeze.  

"Well, son, I can honestly say that I've never been in a situation like that, but I can say this:  I have been married to the same woman for 45 years.  She's stubborn, she can't cook worth crap, she could burn water, she's moody, she hates going out, and much more, but son, they have been the best 45 years of my life.

I love that woman to no end and trust me, in my time, I was a rebel.  She was this prim and proper doll and I fell head over heels for her.  Yes, we fought, but it only brought us closer and yes sometimes I want to rip her head off, but I love her." The elder man shifted in his seat as people were passing by him to find their seats.  

"So what are you getting to sir?" Mathias asked.  The man simply smiled and said, "Go get her."

"So you're saying, throw my chances at being vice president of a major company?"

"Boy, I'm saying that if you love the damn woman, then go after her before she slips through your fingers!"  That his Mathias like a slap on the face and he sat up almost immediately, grabbed his bags and exited the plane, ignoring the complaints of passengers and flight attendants.  


"And that's what happened, Luddy…" you sobbed.  Ludwig held you closely and sighed.

"______?" he asked.  You looked to face the German doctor, his face a a soft expression upon it and he asked, "You love him don't you?"  You nodded slowly and clung to Ludwig tighter.  Ludwig chuckled and said, "Vell, I could be wrong, but I can almost guarantee zhat he loves you too.  I'm sure everyzhing vill turn out for the best liebe."

You smiled weakly and your sobbing died down tenfold; soon enough you had fallen asleep in Ludwig's embrace and he carried you to your room.  He kissed you softly on your cheek and left the house without a sound.  


The next day, you had gotten Antonio's partner to watch Peter for you as you left for work.  It was a harsh day, but Ludwig stopped by to check up on you and, as usual, ordered the usual.  Soon enough, rush hour occurred and you and Toni were overwhelmed with customers.  

The next customer had come up and you didn't even bother to look up, you only asked them for their order and a familiar deep voiced said, "Well I'd like to order forgiveness, make sure to sprinkle some I'm sorry and a heaping side of I love you so much"  You looked up to find Mathias standing before you.  

"Mathias…  What are you doing?" you commanded.

"______, I'm sorry.  For everything, I shouldn't have been so selfish and I should have put you and Peter first.  I love you guys so much and honestly, I wouldn't trade you guys for the world." You looked at the man skeptically.

"Mathias, you're clogging the line, just go." You said blandly.  Mathias was enraged by your comment.

"Damn it ______, I can't loose you!" he yelled.  The store grew quiet and Toni moved over to you, whispering, "I don't think the cabron is joking..  Go, I'll take over chica."  

"Thank you Toni." You grumbled as you dragged the fuming blonde into the kitchen.  Once you shut the door, you turned around, furious and ready to punch Mathias straight in the jaw.  

"What do you want Mathias?!" you snarled.

"What do I want-are you kidding me?  I just told you?  I want YOU!  I gave up the stupid job offer for you, ______?  Isn't that enough?  Isn't that what you wanted?  I'm staying here for you!  FOR YOU!  Why; because I love you and Peter!  Please, won't you hear me out on this?" the Dane pleaded.

"Hear you out?  Mathias, I appreciate the fact that you came back, but you left.  You left me and Peter.  You left us Mathias!  You put your job before us, I'm glad you gave it a second thought, but what you did still broke my heart…" you began to feel tears trickle down your cheeks.  

Mathias took notice and rushed towards you, and enveloping you in tight embrace.  He clutched you tighter and whispered, "That letter you gave me…  It was from Tina."  You shut your eyes tighter hearing this, sobs threatening to spill.  

"Wh-What did i-it say?"

"It was her telling me that I was the godfather of Peter.  How she and Berwald thought that I was perfect for the job.  They also mentioned some things about you, you know?"  You pulled away quickly and gasped, "What?  What did she say?"

Mathias chuckled and grabbed your hands, pulling his forehead to yours.  "She said that you where no fun and that you were a lonely person."  You wanted to be angry, but sadness took its course and you began to sob.  

"She also said that you and I are perfect for each other," he kissed your forehead once trailing his lips to your right eyelid, "and that she knew we were going to fall in love," he kissed your right eye and moved to your left eyelid, "and that I could teach you to loosen up and have fun," he kissed your left eyelid and trailed his lips to your nose, "and that you could teach me a few things on responsibility," he kissed your nose then he brushed his lips lightly against yours and finally whispered, "and that she said that you haven't slept with a guy since college… but I think we both know that's not true."

You tears fell freely and you began to laugh.  Both you and Mathias where laughing hysterically, he pulled you into his chest and kissed the top of your head.

"You always know how to ruin beautiful moments don't you?" you muffled.  You felt his chest vibrate lightly from a soft chuckle… and then it hit him.  Mathias propped himself down on his knee and grabbed your left hand.  

"______, listen, I know we fight, and God does it kill me, but I heard a wise man tell me that fights can only bring you closer…  ______, I am absolutely, one hundred and ten percent sure that I am fully and desperately in love with you and I know you feel the same way.  I want to be there for you, I want to be there for Peter, I want to be that guy that makes you smile on a gloomy day, I want to be that guy rubbing your back when you get home from a stressful day at work, I want to be that guy that bakes you cherry Danishes on Saturday mornings for breakfast… and I also want to be that guy…" Mathias reached into his pocket to pull out the gleaming diamond ring he had been ,saving for a moment, such as this, "… that marries you."

~~ 3 months later ~~

"Happy Father's Day!" you beamed, holding Peter's hand as he was walking towards his daddy.  Mathias looked up from the newspaper he was reading to find ______, his fiancé, and Peter holding a pan of homemade cupcakes spelling out "Happy Father's Day."

Mathias gave a lopsided smile and he stood up to kiss you sweetly on the lips and pick up Peter, kissing him on the cheek and tickling his tummy.  Peter giggled as Mathias sat on the couch and continued to tickle his little tummy; you placed the cupcakes on the coffee table and tapped Mathias on his shoulder.  He pulled Peter into his lap and looked over to find you holding out a card to him.  

"Aww, you didn't have to…" he mumbled.

"Just read it you goof."  Mathias chuckled and opened the card that read, "Happy Father's Day Mat!  Love ______, Peter, and…" Mathias' eyebrows knitted together as he picked up a picture in the card.  It was blurry, but he saw something that made his insides flutter in excitement.  He looked over at you, his eyes shining in overwhelming joy and happiness and he said, "We're having a baby?!"  


I am SO sorry this took so long to update... Go ahead and kill me now.... :iconlazycryplz:
So as an apology, I made this chapter extra long and extra fluffy and cute and just... everything! :iconsqueeeeplz:

I do not own:
Denmark (Mathias)
Germany (Ludwig)
Spain (Toni)
Romano (Lovino)
or you ;P

But I do own :iconvampsandghosts:
So suck it losers~
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